Thursday, November 18, 2010

It Has Been Forever

Man it has been forever since I posted on here! I have been crazy busy since August when I started my MBA program, and I haven't really done much to warrant a blog post.

No, I take it back. I've been able to keep life somewhat interesting. The MBA is kicking my butt harder than I ever though it could get kicked. Its pretty humbling, but I can still kick most people's butts on a mountain bike! I went out to Vernal over Fall Break and checked out the desert riding there. It was pretty sweet! There is a loop just west of town about 12 miles long that was so fun I rode it twice! And my last ride of the season was at Mueller Park in Bountiful. It was a bust though, I got three flat tires on the way down and had to walk off the mountain in the dark (sun went down) for two and a half hours. Not fun, but definitely memorable.

Sienna and Tamara are doing great! I love my girls! They keep me going and motivate me so much. I'd be a complete and total mess without them. Sienna is so much fun to talk to and play with, even with her limited vocabulary. But hey, she's at the point where I can tell her to say something and she'll repeat it, so I guess she has an unlimited vocabulary, actually. And Tamara is infinitely supportive even though I neglect her sometimes when I am so caught up in homework and the only time we spend together is sleeping. She makes me dinner, does my laundry, packs my lunch (sometimes) and does so many other things I don't even notice or appreciate (until now). Thanks Honey! You are #1! I love you!


Joel said...

Nice to have you back! And glad you're doing good. Hopin' to see you guys around the Holidays, eh?

Dan said...

Are you going to see TRON?
I expect a full analysis on the blog. I saw a large chunk of it at a work party... awesome graphics!!! said...

We miss you for that.